Hobbies & Environmental Activist

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I love traveling because it let us enjoy beautiful nature, cherished memories, and countless possibilities to learn about people

and their history. 

It provides us with the chance to understand and respect each other.

It teaches us about ourselves, broadens our horizons, and, just like a restart button, forces us to refocus on what matters.

Europe's Last Wild Jewel
Vjosa, Albania
The Vjosa River in Albania is Europe’s last living wild one. Its entire course of over 270 kilometers is untamed and free-flowing. It is characterized by beautiful canyons, braided river sections, islands, oxbows, and meandering stretches. In some areas, the riverbed expands over more than 2 km in width. However, what makes this river really outstanding internationally is that almost all its tributaries are free-flowing and intact, creating a living rivers network without par in Europe.